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Tan boosters

Tan boosters

Golden brown skin is sexy and looks healthy. However there are parts of the body, especially legs, that don’t get the appreciated colour no matter how hard you try.
It seems like the sun forgets about them. Slim, long, tanned legs are very sexy. If your legs are not slim and long at least they can be tanned and you can achieve that without chemicals - in a natural way.


Natural oils are the best tan boosters. You can get brown skin in shorter time, moisturize and nourish it at the same time. Forget about frying oils and edible butters - they may boost tan but smell bad and have no skin conditioning properties. Choose natural, unrefined oils that have been known and used for ages.


Cocoa butter moisturizes, softens, and boosts tan, leaving your skin in perfect condition and in golden-brown colour.
Even people whose skin is always red after sunbathing will see the difference. Cocoa butter's SPF is about 4.


Another product that will improve the results of sunbathing is shea butter.
It is thick but melts easily in your hands. It is one of the best cosmetic ingredients thanks to it properties.
Shea butter may be also used as sunscreen, its SPF is 6.


The oil is not only useful in the kitchen but also in skincare. Apply it before, during and after sunbathing.
It will moisturize your skin and shorten the time of sun exposure needed to get beautiful brown colour.
It also protects your skin against sun thanks to its SPF of 4.


The combination of all three in one product with wonderful smell of vanilla or lavender.
Achae body butter is only made of natural ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil.
It moisturizes, nourishes and boosts your tan! You will tempt with natural golden tanned skin.
Do you like sweet vanilla or perhaps you prefer relaxing smell of lavender? Apply our body butter and relax during sunbathing.


Taking care of your skin after sunbathing is as important as applying cosmetics before and during sun exposure.
Natural oils are suitable for that purpose. They calm your skin, moisturize and nourish.
Thanks to them, your skin keeps the brown colour for a long time, it is not dry and wrinkled, looks healthy and sexy.


Too much sun may be harmful. Do not expose your skin to sun for too long.
It may cause sunburn. When your skin becomes a little red, you should take a break.
Sun overdosing may cause painful effects. Burnt skin may start flaking (and your beautiful brown colour will go away) or even lead you to hospital.

Be careful, don’t overdo the sun so that you can show off your golden-brown skin.


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