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How much natural are natural beauty products

How much natural are natural beauty products

Not all of cosmetics indicated as natural are natural indeed.
There are several ways of misleading customers.
However there are also several ways of avoiding that.

Ingredients list not easy to read

Don’t let yourself be ripped off. Many manufacturers convince that their products are natural. Ingredients list placed on packaging is usually unreadable for an ordinary user, as INCI names combine Latin and English words. There is much easier way to find out if the product is all-natural. It is much easier to check its expiration date. If it is longer than 6 months or there is a number higher than 1 month on the open jar item, we can be sure that the product must contain preservatives.

Check the expiration date

How long can you keep a bar of butter outside a fridge? After how many days will a tomato become rotten? Short expiration date indicates that no preservatives were used. If no expiration date is indicated that means you can keep the product closed for more than 30 months (2.5 years!). There has to be an open jar expiration date on the packaging in this case. The number indicates how many months the product can be safely used for after opening.

Think about fruits and vegetables, they are best when fresh. When they start to smell bad we simply throw them away.


Even the strictest certification bodies allow for using synthetic preservatives and ethyl alcohol. While other only require part of the ingredients used to be natural. We shouldn’t trust them completely then. Let’s check the composition and expiration date rather than trust certification stamps.


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